With the premise of maintaining the distinction of the brand in terms of quality and personality, and also in conjunction with the musical artist Bad Gyal, the client raises the need to renew for this special edition of HC7 - Bad Gyal, going beyond its traditional path, in order to get a new and young audience.

We wanted to express everything both the brand and the artist represent, and thus achieve an explosive combination! To get this, we proposed to intervene the well-known HC7 label in the best Bad Gyal style.Exposing and presenting the concept of "bling & party" in the current context, we realized that there is a common point between Bad Gyal and Havana Club: releasing that accumulated energy and celebrating together after a truly crazy year. The need to go out and have fun again.

Nano Alfonsin Studio focused on the use of different colors and materials, which through a careful and detailed combination, were successfully achieved and resolved. 
Through a joint work with the artist, the design was created in order to ensure that the brand reaches a sector of the young population of Spain and Latin America.

Client: Havana Club 
Producer: Buena Productora
3D Artist: Franco Mateo
Franco Mateo 3D y Animación
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